Thursday, January 4, 2018

To Provence with Love by T.A.Williams

4 Star

Struggling writer Faye Carter just can’t believe her luck. She’s off to Provence to write the autobiography of a famous film star and she’ll be staying in the stunning chateau!

So when she meets charming (and completely gorgeous) lavender farmer, Gavin, she knows that she’s made the right choice – even if glamourous, elderly Anabelle seems to be hiding something…

But when the sun is shining, the food is delicious and the air smells of honey, anything seems possible. Will the magic of Provence help Faye finally find a happy-ever-after of her own?

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I was again enchanted by this novel by T.A Williams which is wonderful- perhaps it’s because this novel returns to the warm countryside where romance can flourish amongst the scents of summer and majestic countryside?  Or perhaps I just related to Faye easily so everything fell into place? 

I loved that Faye upped her life and moved in with a mysterious stranger to write a memoir.  It was a pretty gutsy start to the novel and I was intrigued by her strength and determination- luckily for her she’s set up in a lovely apartment above the stables or garage or some other outbuilding and lands on her feet helping a famous film star write her story. 

All of the people who work for and with the glamourous Annabelle are charming and delightful so she’s not lacking for company either, despite the chateau’s isolation. There’s even a lovely dog to accompany her on her walks and force her outside when she needs a break from writing.

It seems almost superfluous to her joy to also be intrigued by the handsome (but a bit broody) lavender farmer next door.  A lavender farmer with a past though makes for some romantic plot twists for us and I appreciated their slow connection.  I was equally charmed by the villagers Faye meets and her father who comes to visit.

Entirely charming and sweet this novel will have you wanting to hop on a plane and discover your own slice of lavender and chateaus.

Thank you to Harper Collins UK for our review copy. All opinions are our own.

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