Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Figgs by Ali Bryan

4 Star

Meet the Figgs. June, the family's matriarch, looks forward to a quiet retirement — if only she can get her three adult children to finally, finally, move out of the house. But her dreams are shattered when her son Derek unexpectedly becomes a single father. Now there's a newborn baby at home, and Derek's older siblings are showing no sign of going anywhere either. In the midst of the chaos, June's husband, Randy, has a shocking revelation.

With family life flying fast and furious around her, June finds herself thinking about her parents — adoptive and biological. Where did she come from? Will her new grandson be traumatized without his mother? And why in the world are all the kids still at home, anyway?

Kathryn - 4 Star

I initially picked this one up because I am always interested in Canadian authors- I'm inclined to read something from my own country if it crosses my path.  I wasn't disappointed in The Figgs, they were some of the truest personalities I've come across lately and therefore the novel held great appeal.   

While I adored the realistic nature of their interactions and their different situations I also felt the plot occasionally lacked cohesiveness.  And yet, the message regarding different families and varying dynamics on relationships was strong.  
I loved Derek and his unassuming nature, his clear love for his son and his resolve to be a dad.   The daughter was head first in a world of self-discovery and the other son was also trying to make his mark.  Although all adult children you could feel the center of the puzzle was still the parents, specifically June.   She was a cross between myself and my mother and I could hear her internal dialogue echoing in my own head.  I also was charmed by the quirky marriage and found them to be sweet and irritating with each other in equal measure.

A look at modern adult family life with a twist, I enjoyed The Figgs.  I wish the novel had continued a little bit longer though, I don't yet feel satisfied with their lot!

Thank you to Freehand Books for our review copy.  All opinions are our own.

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