Friday, October 19, 2018

Summer at the Little French Guesthouse by Helen Pollard

5 Star

Emmy Jamieson loves her new life in the gentle hills and sunflowers of the lush French countryside, managing La Cour des Roses, a beautiful, white stone guesthouse. With marriage to caramel-eyed Alain just round the corner, things couldn’t be more perfect. 

The odd glass (gallon) of wine dulls the sound of Emmy’s mum in full motherzilla-of-the-bride mode, and the faint tinkling of alarm bells coming from Alain’s ex are definitely nothing to worry about. Guesthouse owner Rupert and a whole host of old and new friends are there to make sure nothing gets in the way of Emmy’s happiness. 

But as Emmy gets close to the big day, a secret from the past throws everything decidedly off track. Will her idyllic French wedding go ahead as planned, or will Emmy run back home to England with a broken heart?

Kathryn -5 Star

This is the final installment in the trilogy about Les Cours Des Roses and I am very distressed to be leaving these lovely people behind.  I have become very fond of Rupert, Emmy and the lovely guesthouse they run in France.

It was a good while between reading book two and this last one for me and it took me only a few pages to become immersed again in their lives.  Emmy is now approaching her wedding to the lovely French accountant and preparations are well under way (mostly by her mother). It seems though that the wedding takes over this book...much as weddings tend to do in real life also. They have the habit of becoming runaway trains of plans and details.  Emmy is having a hard time juggling her mother's demands and her own easy going attitude about the event.  Luckily for Emmy she has some super girlfriends to help her relax and they don't disappoint in their own stories either.

A suitable final installment for this series and what it lacked perhaps in the quirky guest department it more than made up for with the strong bonds of friendship that were cemented firmly in France.

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