Monday, July 27, 2009

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

4.5 Star

At her Great Aunt Sadie's funeral, Lara Lington has a shock. At first she tries to ignore it, figuring it's just her overactive imagination, but the voice and vision become impossible to ignore. When Lara realizes it's Great Aunt Sadie's ghost harassing her, becoming more insistent with each appearance, Lara eventually listens and strives to search for the necklace Sadie demands she find, uncovering a mystery, falling in love and learning something about life from Sadie along the way. 

Lydia - 5 Star

Twenties Girl is everything great chick-lit should be including a unique storyline, laugh out loud on the bus by accident kind of humour, a fantastic message without being too uppity about it, and it was a breeze to read.

Sadie’s character is not one you’ll soon forget as soon as this book is over and she reminded of my grandmother whose feisty personality was similar in many respects and whom I adored, so it is not surprising that I loved Sadie’s character. She’s quite memorable and her antics made me laugh out loud as well as Lara’s responses to them.

My only complaint was that it ended too quickly and that the hardcover edition got heavy to hold for the long periods of time that I was reading. I also think Kinsella’s main characters are becoming similar and I could see Rebecca Bloomwood in this role as well, which is probably really my only criticism and one I think would have bothered me much more had Sadie not been such a strong character that balanced Lara’s character out.

If you enjoyed the ‘Shopaholic’ series, you’ll love Twenties Girl too, maybe even more. I did! This is my favourite chick lit novel this year. Great fun and it’s definitely 5 Star.

Kathryn - 4 Star

Generally single girl lit does not have an annoying great aunt spirit tagging along, getting in the way, issuing demands and making life exceedingly complicated. Also one generally doesn’t expect a 105 year old lady to yell as much as this ghost does. There is a lot of yelling coming from the ghost of Sadie and she pouts and whines and is a pain in the behind.

I liked this book eventually because I really started to feel for Lara and Sadie and started to understand where their relationship was going. At first I found Lara wishy-washy and Sadie irritating, but they do become a lot more endearing towards the middle and you begin to see that they are going to become very close.

Sophie Kinsella, as always, writes in a way that you have to keep turning those pages. I just wish that I had laughed out loud as much as I was hoping to. I suppose that when you’re expecting Becky Bloomwood it’s a bit difficult for any other character to measure up. Although I enjoyed Twenties Girl by the time I hit about a third of the way through I think I was expecting to be giggling the entire way through like I do with every Shopaholic book and it just wasn’t the case here.

All in all though Twenties Girl was a great concept with characters I will probably not forget so I can’t say it didn’t enjoy it!

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