Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Charming Man by Marian Keyes

5 Star

Four very different women. One awfully charming man. And the dark secret that binds them all ... 

Lydia - 5 Star
Marian Keyes delivers another fantastic chick lit novel in This Charming Man that is laugh out loud funny while at the same time is gritty and moving. I absolutely loved this book and had a really hard time putting it down. Regardless of the heavier subject matter, there was just enough humor to make the grittier details tolerable. I loved Lola’s character who made me laugh out loud and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen next with her and as much as the details were difficult to read, I found Marnie’s character eye opening and I was suddenly in the mind of a character whose motivations I was unable to relate to, but through Keyes’ prose, I cared enough to have compassion for.

I’m not sure I loved the ending, but it might just have been disappointment that I was coming to the close of the book. Although I enjoyed how it all came together in the end, I’m not sure it was enough, which I’m afraid is all I can say without ruining the ending!

Lola’s character written as diary short form didn’t bother me in the least, although I have read some reviews that found it unsettling. Kathryn started the book after I read it and she too commented on this, finding it distracting and a little annoying, but I’m sure she’ll have plenty to say about this in her review. I liked how the different voices and typeface separated the characters.

I have to rate this as a 5 star based on how much I thought about this book when I wasn’t reading it, how much I HAD to keep reading to find out how it would end, and how it made me laugh, cry and think about issues I normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to ponder while reading chick lit.

Thank you Marian Keyes for delivering another fantastic read with This Charming Man.

Kathryn - 5 Star

I loved This Charming Man. Having just finished it and writing my thoughts down immediately, I have to say that I’m a little overwhelmed. It might help to know that it took me 7 days to read the first 600 pages and one day to read the last 300!

Although the story of the women falling for a man is typical, the details are not. Do not be fooled by the breezy diary style of the first section! Marian Keyes lets you believe that you are reading the classic girl chasing boy story but the reality is not so gentle. (It’s interesting that one is in diary format but the other two are not. This is perhaps why it took me a bit of time to get stuck in as I found the diary part a bit hard to read- funny that it turned out to be the one that made me laugh the most though!)

I’m sorry, but I just don’t want to give anything away about the story so you’ll just have to take my gushing and read it for yourselves! I’ve loved every book I’ve read by Marian Keyes and This Charming Man is truly one of her best. This one delves into two tough topics and I felt it was gutsy and new.

There are only positive things to say about the author, the story and the readability of this novel. Read it and be prepared to not want to put it down.

5 stars!

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