Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Love Market by Carol Mason

4.5 Star

A chance sighting of Celine's ex-boyfriend, Patrick, on a busy London street during her anniversary celebration with husband, Mike, sparks an unusual reaction. Three years later, her marriage has fallen apart and she's running her own professional matchmaking service, raising her daughter and grieving her marriage. When an unexpected email from Patrick arrives, she finds herself longing for the past, and as she tries to figure out just exactly what she wants her future to hold, her ex-husband gives her an unusual proposal that makes her question everything. 

Lydia - 4.5 Star

I really enjoyed The Love Market.  It was a thoughtful, insightful book on marriage and the path not taken.  Celine’s marriage falls apart and she’s drawn back into the world of an old flame, Patrick who she never managed to forget.

The writing style was different in than most chick lit novels. It was written with more depth, poetically even at times and her attention to details and prose had me rereading sentences – at first, occasionally to get used to the style, and then to wonder at her writing abilities and the thoughtful and insightful commentary on marriage. The writing wasn’t overdone though and it was still easy to read (unlike a few other attempts at more literary chick lit I have read). 

This novel wasn’t predictable which was refreshing, although I wasn’t sure if I loved the ending.  I haven’t forgotten the characters, which I sometimes do after reading mediocre chick lit and this is a novel I might even read again at some point.

The Love Market was a great read and I will definitely add Carol Mason’s novels to my must read list.

Kathryn - 4.5 Star

It’s interesting that having read many chick lit novels you can still come across something that feels new.  The storyline was not so much new as the style of writing and for me to notice how something is written it has to be quite different!  I’m definitely not a writer!

The appeal to the story is that for most women there is probably always the one that either got away or we left behind and Carol Mason dumps us right into the what ifs of our lives. There are many (many) very insightful comments and suggestions about marriage and the differences between men and women throughout the novel. I stopped several times and re-read things- agreeing with Mason thoroughly.  Maybe this is why I found it so interesting- it wasn’t written with the same quick flow as most chick lit and forced a slower and more attentive read.

The Love Market is a fabulous novel and would gladly read another! 

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