Sunday, March 14, 2010

Love Struck by Chantel Simmons

4 Star

Poppy Ross discovers her seemingly devoted husband is having an affair, but just as she's about to confront him, he's struck by lightening. When he regains consciousness she realizes that he’s lost all memory of the past three months, including when the affair started. Instead of confronting him, Poppy decides to try and turn herself into the woman he was seeing so he won't be tempted to stray again, often with disasterous results and it just might be the worst idea she's ever had.

Lydia - 4 Star

Love Struck was laugh out loud funny and contained thoughtful insights about marriage. Poppy’s journey is both amusing and heartfelt. Her pain and confusion is palpable as she acknowledges her husband’s infidelity and tries to become the other woman she now knows he is attracted to, thinking it will fix her marriage. She does this while ignoring the situation with her husband who was struck by lightening and lost all memory of the last three months, when the affair started.

I laughed frequently during Poppy’s attempts at transformation and was cheering for her to overcome her insecurities, often times cringing at her decisions and found myself wanting to yell at Poppy and Parker throughout the novel.  I cared about these characters and was rooting for them to figure it all out.

This novel captured my attention and I was eager to find out how Poppy and Parker’s journey would end.  My only concern was that I found the beginning a little slower and I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy this book (Kathryn didn’t feel this way), but I continued reading and was pleasantly surprised.  Once I became fully engulfed in their situation, I couldn’t put the book down, wanting to see what happens.

Poppy could be considered a Canadian Bridget Jones and she certainly had elements to her that made me laugh out loud with her antics and decisions, self doubt and insecurity.  This novel portrayed her self discovery well and I didn’t feel it was too much of a leap as I have found with some novels in the past. 

I would highly recommend Love Struck to anyone looking for a good laugh and a light hearted read and I will definitely keep an eye out for future novels from Chantel Simmons.

Kathryn - 4 Star

I really liked this one which is apparent when I read it in just a few days I guess! Definitely a fun read!  Love Struck is funny and definitely has the silly laugh out loud moments you’d expect, but the soul of the novel- the examination of her marriage- is still there at every turn.  I found myself wondering throughout if she was ever going to tell her husband that he’d been seeing this other woman, if she was really going to try and pretend it hadn’t happened and if this was something I would do or not?  If you really loved him would you just want to pretend it hadn’t happened and restore your marriage?  

Chantel Simmons also has a good way of creating supporting characters that are clear but not intrusive- I like that as it lifts the main characters.

I think I would have liked a bit more about her job as a life coach and a bit less of her trying to turn into the other woman- but those bits were pretty funny so it’s tough to want less of them really…Either way can’t wait for the next one!

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