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Yolanda A. Reid Stranded on a Desert Island

Please welcome Yolanda A. Reid, author of The Honeyeater and Porridge and Cucu: My Childhood.

About Yolanda:

Yolanda A. Reid is the author of THE HONEYEATER, a contemporary women's novel about love, heartbreak and betrayal.  Her first novel is PORRIDGE & CUCU: MY CHILDHOOD—-a young adult novel about a young girl growing up in Panama and New York.  Her poems and short fiction have appeared in literary journals and e-zines such as “Women Writers: An E-zine,” “Starlight Poets” (Starlight Press), "Mysteries of the Lyric World," and others.  She writes frequently about books, writers, and authors. Her current and most recent blog is Y Reid Books at  She lives and writes in the US. 

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Yolanda A. Reid Stranded on a Desert Island

If you could only have one book with you, what would it be?

It's a toss-up between EAT PRAY LOVE (which I re-read yearly) and Emily Bronte's WUTHERING HEIGHTS (which I've loved since I was fourteen years old).

What one luxury item would you want to be stranded with? 

Years ago, I went camping with friends while in college.  Cooking and making a campfire were a challenge.  So--a set of Martha Stewart cookware might be nice.  

What is the one practical item you would want to have with you to use?

My personal computer.  Also, a cell phone.

Would you enjoy the solitude, even briefly, or would it drive you crazy?

Solitude is OK by me. Most writers, I think, will agree that "the writing life" is solitary.

If you could be stranded with one other person, who would you want it to be?

A boat-builder or a survivalist expert.

What modern technology would you miss the most?

My personal computer.

What food or beverage would you miss the most?


How many days do you think you would cope without rescue?

As long as there was food and water, there'd be no problem.

What is the first thing you would do when rescued?

Check my email.

What would be your first Tweet or Facebook update upon your return?

Available for Author Interviews after unplanned island stay. :)

The Honeyeater

THE HONEYEATER is the story of a woman, Eulalia, and her childhood sweetheart, Fabio. A young, handsome, and brilliant doctoral candidate, he has political ambitions.  Soon after they wed, Fabio is unfaithful to Eulalia with the person she’d never expect. Her sister. After she re-builds her life with a new love, she is re-united with Fabio.  Will Eulalia realize that he belongs to her childhood—to the past? Or will she release  her new life—alongside her new love—to return to the man who loved and betrayed her? Once and for all, Eulalia must choose between the two loves of her life, and so find a measure of happiness. 

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