Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lane Changes by S.L. Ellis

2.5 Star

Cassie Cruise wants her life back as a kick-ass P.I. Trouble is, she has zero credibility since bungling a case on reality TV. After a public tantrum, she slinks off to bury her head in the sandy beaches of Southwest Florida. Just as she starts over as the owner of The Big Prick Tattoo Shop, a body is discovered in the trunk of her burning car. Cassie's aware there are those who'd get in line for their turn to torch her car. But murder? 

You don't have to like her, but you damn well better respect her. And get out of her way—this is one case she intends to solve, with or without an audience. 

Kathryn - 2.5 Star

This book is a little outside my normal genre because I don't generally read detective novels or mysteries.  It was perhaps hard for me to get attached to the main character which perhaps is more common in this genre because the action can take priority over the intricacies of the relationships?  The warmth I usually expect out of a leading lady was definitely lacking so I found myself fixating instead on the details of the case that landed on her doorstep. (Her car is set on fire in front of her house and a body is discovered in the trunk so it would be hard to ignore such a thing!)

I found the suspicious behavior of the neighbour a bit obvious and, without her history as a PI, Cassie probably wouldn't have gotten so deeply involved in the case. There was some implication that she was concerned about Lane's changed personality, which I took as slightly interfering and not really grounds for the amount of snooping that followed.  She obviously couldn't help herself!

I was in the dark for most of the novel, in terms of the investigation and in terms of who Cassie was. It felt like this was a sequel to something and that I'd missed the back story. Her fiance seemed to only be around half the time and their relationship was only superficially put into the story, I'm not sure why as this may have given us more clues about Cassie herself. 

At the end I was left with only half the answers I was seeking and more than a little frustrated. While the body was identified and the killer revealed I still wasn't really clear on the motive or how the murder took place. The relationships of the victim and murderer were so complicated it was difficult to follow who was trying to get who...

If I'd felt more of an affinity for Cassie then Lane Changes would likely have received a higher rating because I could have been cheering for her, instead I just wanted to get to the end to see how it turned out.  I think there's probably something endearing about Cassie- I just wish I'd felt it accross the pages, I needed just a little bit more to hold on to.

Thank you to Rock Star Lit for our review copy.  All opinions are our own.

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