Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Last Conception by Gabriel Constans

3 Star

Passionate embryologist, Savarna, is in a complicated relationship, with two different women, when she is told that she MUST have a baby. Her conservative East Indian American parents are desperate for her to conceive, in spite of her "not being married". They insist that she is the last in line of a great spiritual lineage. In the process of choosing her lover and having doubts about her ability, or desire to conceive, Savarna begins to question the necessity of biology and lineage within her parents' beliefs and becomes forever fascinated with the process of conception and the definition of family. 

Sabrina-Kate - 3 Star

The idea behind The Last Conception was quite compelling to me. I have long been a fan of stories that have a story line with East Indian characters, wherever the characters may be located geographically. The novel was quite interesting since they were located in North America and I enjoyed seeing how the mix of old and new world came into play.

There was a fascinating cast of characters from as many varied and diverse backgrounds as you could imagine. I found that the characters were fairly well thought out, if a little typecast, which did bother me a little bit.

The one thing that I just could not get into was the 'great spiritual lineage' that the story was centralized around. It never seemed to be developed enough for me to consider it realistic. It was only alluded to pretty generally which was OK at first but once the story continued on without it being explained more, well, I found myself becoming irritated at every mention of it.

The Last Conception was fairly well written and I am somewhat curious as to what the inspiration behind it was. I was satisfied with how the story ended despite the missing details behind the spiritual side of things.

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