Saturday, April 11, 2015

Best Supporting Role by Sue Margolis

4 Star

When her gambling addict husband died, Sarah Green was left penniless—and with two children to raise. Since then, she’s been desperate to keep her professional and personal lives on firm financial footing. And what could be safer than dating an accountant and working at a non-emergency crime help line?

But then Sarah’s aunt dies, leaving Sarah her once famous—now flailing—lingerie shop. With her fashion background, Sarah reluctantly decides to make a go of it, even if that means breaking up with her too-prudent boyfriend over the risk.

Suddenly Sarah finds herself falling for Hugh, the handsome struggling actor she hired to renovate her new boutique, and entering a prestigious lingerie competition. Taking chances has never been her forte, but the built-in support of family and friends could give her the boost she’s been looking for....

Kathryn - 4 Star

Best Supporting Role began with a slightly dry voice for Sarah, I didn’t relate to her at first. Perhaps this was due to the position she was in at the beginning of the story.  She’s in a state of angst, dealing with her husband’s growing gambling addiction, and I didn’t immediately warm to her.  She then finds herself a single mother and through supporting her children I began to relate to her more and more.  In the end, I’d wondered why I’d found the beginning so tough.

I liked the details Sue Margolis gave about the children, the constant watching of the same movie and their anger and nervousness about the changes they had been through.  It was all very honestly portrayed and gave another aspect to Sarah’s character.  Much as she ends up trying something new with her personal and professional life there was still that feeling of wanting to protect her family first.

I adored her aunt, who leaves her the failing lingerie shop.  Feisty and quick- witted I was so disappointed we didn’t have more time with her. Luckily Sarah also inherits two professional seamstresses who fill the role of surrogate aunties to perfection. Each has their own idiosyncrasies to remind Sarah of her aunt and the trust she had in passing the shop over to Sarah.  Best of all though was the introduction of Sarah’s neighbour- I loved her to pieces and wanted to seek her out to be my own friend! And, much as the love interests are not unexpected they were both well thought out and played their roles in her development.

Best Supporting Role started off stiffly for me but became a story I was completely absorbed in. Although no big surprises were to be found I still enjoyed the people and found the plot to be original.

Thank you to Penguin Group for our review copy.  All opinions are our own.

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